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Fundraising Products Made Fresh in Hawaii since 1994. Empower Your School with Effortless Fundraising: Delightful Treats That Practically Sell Themselves, Boosting Funds and Spirits Alike!


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Oahu's Fresh-Baked Favorite: Serving Schools across the state with Aloha!

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Breads & Loaves

Freshly baked aloha in every loaf, perfect for your island morning vibes.

Original Recipe


Freshly baked here on the island, these sweet treats will make you say 'Mahalo' with every bite.

Why the locals love us

Experience a partnership that goes beyond just products. With our commitment to excellence and a passion for supporting your cause, we ensure every fundraiser is not just an event, but a memorable journey. Together, let's create moments that matter

Crafted Fresh in the Heart of Hawaii

Our products are not just baked; they're a testament to the rich flavors and traditions of Hawaii. Every item is prepared with care, ensuring you get the authentic taste of the islands

High Profits, Effortless Sales

Our exclusive school fundraiser items offer attractive margins and are not available in retail, ensuring unique, effective sales.

Transparent Nutritional Facts

Our products include transparent nutritional information that aligns with the Board of Education's Nutritional Guidelines.

Complimentary Ticket Printing

To ensure your fundraising event runs seamlessly, we provide a complete kit with pre-packed tickets and flyers at no extra cost.

Free Price Incentives

We love to reward hard work. That's why we offer enticing prize incentives, motivating everyone involved to make the fundraiser a grand success

No Fees

Start conveniently with a team of experts to guide you through every step — no fees or deposits required.